Dusty Chaps Farm Barn Rules
Dusty Chaps Farm asks that everyone who comes on to our farm follow the barn rules. Please keep in mind that this facility is not only a horse farm, but also our private residence as well. Please respect our privacy in our place of living and always call ahead before coming. 

-  Barn hours 8:00am - 8:00pm (October - March)
                     7:30am - 9:00pm (April - September)

-  Always treat your horse with respect and

-  Keep barn secure and clean at all times

-  Boarders and non-boarders are responsible for 
the actions of their friends, family or any other
helpers who may be visiting the stable. It is
the duty of the boarder or non-boarder to inform
visitors of the barn rules.

-  Do NOT use or handle anyone else's horse,
tack, feed, bedding, etc... without explicit
permission to do so from the rightful owner.
Management must be made aware of any such
permission given.

-  In order to keep costs down, please notify
management if you use extra grain, shavings
or hay.

-  Personal pets are highly discouraged.
However, if present all pets must be leashed.
Barking and/or out of control dogs brought on
to the property will be asked to be removed by

-  Smoking is prohibited at all times in the barn

-  Excessive alcohol consumption will not be

-  No climbing gates, fences, rock throwing,
or abusive behavior towards others.

-  Fighting will not be tolerated. Any fighting will
be cause for immediate termination of all

-  Excessive noise will not be tolerated at any
time (example: loud music or shouting)

-  Boarders and non-boarders alike are
responsible for any damage to the facility and/or
other people's property.

-  See barn manager for any problems concerning
the horses, other boarders and/or

-  Certified equestrian saftey helmets are
encouraged, especially for children.

-  Scheduled lessons have priority in the arena
and round pen. Management will post a weekly
schedule in the barn for all scheduled lessons
or events.

-  No riding in the barn

-  No riding in the aisle way between the two
pastures behind the barn.

-  All gates should be kept closed and secured at
all times.

-  Please do not leave food in the refrigerator for
extended periods of time. Please help keep the
refrigerator clean.

-  Dispose of all trash properly. Please do not
over stuff garbage bins. If a garbage bin is full,
find a different one.

-  We request notification if you plan on removing
your horse from the property for any reason.

-  Do not touch the fencing. It is electrified and
may cause serious harm.

-  Any excessive abuse of the above rules will be
grounds for immediate contract termination for
boarders and non-boarders alike.

-  Management reserves the right to alter these
barn rules at any time without notice.
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