Delaware Certified Thoroughbred Program

Dusty Chaps Farm is now a certified farm for the Delaware Certified Thoroughbred Program (DCTP). We will board your thoroughbred for the DCTP required time in order for you to become eligible to take advantage of the various incentives that the program has to offer. All boarders will be subject to the full care boarding fees and benefits offered by Dusty Chaps Farm. All boarded DCTP horses are welcome to stay longer than the DCTP requirement if agreed upon by Dusty Chaps Farm and horse owner.

****Dusty Chaps Farm reserves the right to delay final verification eligibility with DCTP until all final fees are paid in full. Although we are a certified farm for the DCTP, we are not affiliated with the Delaware Thoroughbred Horseman's Association (DTHA) except for the sole purpose of being a certified farm for the DCTP. Being listed as a certified farm does not make Dusty Chaps Farm an eligible "certifier" as described below. Dusty Chaps Farm's sole role in the DCTP is to house the eligible thoroughbred. The "certifier" is an authorized agent chosen by the owner of the horse and is not affiliated with Dusty Chaps Farm. All questions, concerns and or issues with the DCTP must be addressed with the DTHA.****

What is the purpose of the Delaware Certified Thoroughbred Program?

The program is designed to offer financial rewards and incentives to thoroughbred owners who breed their thoroughbreds in surrounding states to house their thoroughbreds at Delaware farms or training facilities.

What is a Delaware Certified Thoroughbred?

A Delaware Certified Thoroughbred is a thoroughbred horse that spends a minimum of ninety (90) days on a Delaware farm or training facility prior to March 31 of its two-year-old year and races at Delaware Park. The farm or training facility must be an approved facility by the Delaware Certified Thoroghbred Program. The list of approved facilities can be found online. NOTE: Not all of the approved facilities are listed online. Questions concering a farm or training facility's approval status can be obtained by calling DTHA at 302-994-2398.

What is the benefit for my thoroughbred racehorse to being a Delaware Certified Thoroughbred?

- The owner will receive an additional twenty five percent (25%) of the purse share if the Delaware Certified Thoroughbred finishes first, second or third in any race during the Delaware Park meet.

- The certifier (authorized agent of the owner) of the thoroughbred will receive an additional twenty five percent (25%) of the purse share if the Delaware Certified if the Delaware Certified Thoroughbred finished first, second or third in any race during the Delaware Park meet.

- Delaware Certified Thoroughbreds horses will be identified in Delaware Park's racing programs and on the saddletowels with a unique logo so that owners and trainiers will be aware of the enhanced potential earnings of the DCTP

- Horses that are Delaware Certified going to weanling, yearling or two-year-old-in-training sales also will be designated in most sales catalogs

As an owner or certifier, what do I do in order for my thoroughbred to be Delaware Certified?

In addition to the horse having to spend a minimum of ninety (90) days at an approved facility, the owner or the owner's authorized agent (certifier) must complete a Delaware Certified Thoroughbred application. The application is available from the Delaware Thoroughbred Horseman's Association (DTHA). Applications can be found online at or by calling 302-994-2398. All applications must be submitted to the DTHA along with the certification fee. The horse certifier (owner) is responsible for all forms, applications and fees.

What are the DCTP registration fees?

$50.00 for weanlings
$100.00 for yearlings

*Boarding fees are separate from the DCTP registration fees and are not affiliated with the DCTP. Boading fees are based on an arranged agreement between the boarding facility and the thoroughbred owner.










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