Group Educational Visits

-  Daily Care of the horses on the farm
-  Fun Facts about horses
-  About the different types of horses we have on
   the farm
-  How to be safe around horses
-  How to properly and safely lead a horse
-  General dietary needs of horses
-  General horse anatomy


-  Take a "pony" ride on one of our horses


-  Face painting with small simple designs
-  Games or horse related activities

Cost and other requirements

-  $5.00 per participant
-  Chaperones/free
-  Minimum 10 participants per date reserved
-  Program designed for ages 5 to 12 years old
-  $20.00 non-refundable deposit required
-  1 alternate rain day may be reserved at no
    additional charge

*onsite parking and restroom available*

Dusty Chaps Farm is a full-care horse boarding facility that offers riding lessons, birthday parties, day camps, educational group visits and much more.

Large groups are divided into smaller groups. Smaller groups stay together and the 4 stations will be conducted one at a time. The entire program lasts approximately two hours. A picnic area with several picnic tables is available for your group to eat a lunch that you bring with you.

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